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Our summer special brings the heat…

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Our $249 cleaning package is now just $99

A thorough cleaning of a heater or AC Unit with unlimited vents and FREE inspection of your:

  1. 1
    Entire heating system
  2. 2
    Air conditioning system
  3. 3
    Actual air unit for efficiency and air quality
  4. 4
    Dryer vent (common fire hazard)

Why should you do it

Clean air ducts = an investment in your family’s physical and financial health

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About us

Why choose us for your air ducts needs?


10-year legacy of building trust and relationships in LA County


We only use the best professional technicians

On Time

You can count on us: we’re on time, every time.


We’re a locally owned and operated business

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself

Additional Services

If you’re feeling like going all-in on summer cleaning,
we offer a wide spectrum of additional services

Mold cleaning and removal
Odor removal
Medical Grade Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Chimney Cleaning
Furnace Inspection and cleaning


A Cleaner Home

Dust inevitably settles in airducts over time. When your system powers up, dust spreads throughout your home, causing allergies and dirtiness.

Better Air Quality

Contaminants, microorganisms, pet dander, mildew and other pollutants also collect in your airducts. By periodically getting your airducts cleaned, you’re looking out for your family’s health.

Lower Electricity Bill

When ductwork and registers build-up dust and grime, they do not operate as efficiently. Anytime air supply is even partially blocked, your system has to work harder to accomplish the same outcome. Cleaner systems operate more efficiently

Our pricing plans

With our summer sale, you can have the same peace of mind for only $99



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  • Talk about a hot deal

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